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Not your typical gym

We’re a community that believes in meeting people where they are and collaborating on their health and fitness journey with sweat and hard work without an aggressive or competitive attitude.

Ready for a change?

Zero Intimidation

Typical “bro-gyms”, poor past experiences, and lack of experience can be intimidating. We reject gym-bro culture, foster learning and build confidence.

Be Seen

Gender, pronouns, anti-racism work, ableism… we are continually working on creating a better space for everyone that comes in our door.

No Weight Talk

There is too much weight talk in the fitness industry. Our priority is building strong, joyful bodies of all shapes and sizes.


Our community aligns with our values. We support, celebrate and respect each other, especially when getting through a tough and fun workout. was the most welcoming, non-intimidating, and empowering gym I tried.

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Monica Lakin
April 10, 2022


January 28, 2022

I've been coming to Prism for a few months now, and I'm so happy I joined the gym. It has been a source of momentum, energy, and fun. The classes are encouraging, rewarding, and challenging, without feeling impossibly hard. The gym is inclusive and approachable - not intimidating at all! It's nice to have Prism as a healthy outlet for consistent activity and movement that helps me shake off feelings of stagnancy and lethargy. Highly recommend 🙂

Kelsey Ingram
January 25, 2022

I love this gym so much! Ash is such a knowledgeable trainer, I could never come up with these workout routines and I love the community they've built around body positive, gender affirming fitness. Everyone at the gym is super down to earth, I've never felt anything less than absolutely comfortable, and I always leave with a good sweat and some extra muscles worked that I wasn't getting when I was working out at home. Highly recommend this gym, it's not just a facility but a community of great people.

Stefanie Harmon
March 6, 2021

This gym is all the components I love about CrossFit without all the negatives. Workouts can be tailored to ANY fitness level and any complex lifts are done safely and slowly. Ashley has created an inclusive environment for all and I would highly recommend this gym to both beginner and advanced fitness students. Do yourself a favor and try it out and see. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and I always love coming to class. Also Ashley's dog is perfection.

November 19, 2020

HBIC Ashley is a top tier owner and coach. Her mission of making her gym inclusive and accessible welcomes all communities of people to feel involved and invested in. I trust her to make all activities safe and tailored to every individual that walks into her gym and that's why she's the gym I referral all my patients to. As a chiropractor I see a lot of patients with lifting injuries and Ashley is who I trust to take care of the people I care about. Her work ethic and drive are matched by none and she has gone above and beyond at creating virtual classes to keep her clients safe and busy from the comfort of their own home. She shows up to work every day ready to grind and the size of her heart is evident in the work that she does. She will make your membership work for you, whatever the cost. You won't regret being a part of this gym's family.

Kim Packebush
May 26, 2020

There are few gyms in my life where I've thought, "this place is special" and Prism Fit is one of those. Ashley makes people feel like they belong from the moment they walk in, and the same goes for the members. It's a gym that welcomes you open arms and encourages you to be your best self. Quirks and all.

Kaitlyn Chock
May 20, 2020

I love Prism Fit so much. The community is phenomenal (I didn't love weightlifting at first but I became a member because every single person I've met here is so kind, welcoming and encouraging) and the physical space is really clean and nice. Before I started, I was super intimidated by CrossFit but the owner, Ashley, is truly one of the most incredible coaches I've worked with. She really pays attention to your form and she's really patient and helpful with me even though I'm constantly asking questions. But what's really remarkable about Prism Fit is how Ashley has handled the transition to quarantine. She's creating so much content for members and is providing such a welcome and needed community during this time. She's created a workout for every day and then leads three classes a day. She also is offering yoga and kids classes. I'm connected to a number of gyms and studios across a variety of disciplines (namely yoga, aerial and dance) and no one is anywhere close to providing the amount of content she's providing and the level of community she's been able to cultivate during this time is unprecedented.

Tomy Huynh
May 19, 2020

Prism Fit is one of the best gyms I’ve had the privilege of being a member of. Owner/head-coach Ashley works tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive space. As a coach, she’s a stickler for proper weightlifting form and an effective motivator, as well as being exceedingly accommodating and empathetic to all of her clients’ individual concerns and needs—knowing how to craft workouts that are guaranteed to make you sore (the good kind of sore) the next day. During this pandemic quarantine, she has adeptly shifted to an online format, providing effective at-home workout plans and video-conferencing classes. If you’re looking to join a gym with a strong sense of community and camaraderie, an awesome coach, and a judgement-free and safe workout environment, I highly recommend Prism Fit.

Jessica Hughes
May 15, 2020

This is the most inclusive gym in Portland! I also love the variety in the workouts. Ashley has seemlessly managed to transfer the in-gym experience to a virtual one. The virtual workouts currently offered by Prism Fit are just as hard, fun and challenging. Although I can't wait to return to the physical gym once restrictions are relaxed I'm still pumped that I have access to great workouts online!

Sara Reynolds
May 14, 2020

I was already super happy with my gym experience at Prism before covid-19. It is clean, friendly and so supportive! I was driving 30 minutes to the gym and still attending regularly (a miracle with 3 kids under 10). The community is something special, I have never felt that way at any other gym.The shift to how it has operated in this strange covid time has just completely confirmed that this is the gym for me. I have never stuck with working out at home until now. Ashley has been very proactive in making changes and shifting to an online format for work outs, checking out equipment to those who need it, all while continuing to help us take care of our bodies and making us strong! Besides all of these wonderful things she continues to make sure we all feel supported at this time. She always makes me feel like my kids are included if they need to be or if I need to escape them she supports that too! I am confident with the steps Prism is taking to plan for eventual reopening, and that it will be a safe supportive place again. I am SO excited to continue my training and workouts in a post covid world. I honestly never thought that would be the case. Thanks Ashley!

Elinor Hickey
May 14, 2020

Prism Fit is a wonderful, welcoming gym to athletes of all skills and bodies of all types. Coach Ashley designs interesting and challenging programming every day, and also offers modifications and options that are inclusive and empowering. During COVID-19 days, Prism Fit has gone online with daily Zoom workouts tailored to getting strong in the living room with or without equipment, and I am as sore and smug after these workouts as I was in the gym. ??

Shawna Williams
February 8, 2020

To me, Prism Fit is not a gym. It is a supportive community of people with their own unique goals of fitness, movement, and strength building. I’ve done almost every type of workout imaginable and been to many gyms. None of which met me where I was at and provided me with the support I needed. Ashley’s also the first trainer to ever even ask me what my goals are so she can monitor, track, and provide me with the coaching I need to reach my goals. You can feel how completely and genuinely invested in every member of her community she is. Prism Fit is a place for fun, hard work, fitness, and community. It’s the only “gym” that I’ll ever go to again.

Charlotte Laguna
January 8, 2020

PrismFit is simply phenomenal. Acceptance and respect are foundational to the unique environment fostered here. I’ve been a member of many gyms but none as encouraging as this one. I love the sense of community and non-bro culture. It’s great if you're interested in working out and making progress toward any personal goals without judgement. The classes are designed to be challenging but achievable. Ashley, the owner, demonstrates each movement and readily answers questions about the moves and format of each class. Modifications are always provided for all ability levels. Additionally, Ashley always pays close attention to your form during workouts and offers valuable feedback. The facility itself is beautiful with everything you could want in a gym. Lastly, there is often an adorable pup on the premises who is extremely loving so you can always get some sweet pup cuddles/pets in before or after a good workout.

Jessica Kahlman
September 28, 2019

I always found weights and CrossFit intimidating. I had also heard horror stories of people hurting themselves and competitive gym culture, and this gym counters those horror stories. Ashley, the owner and main trainer, does such an incredible job of scaffolding and micro-corrections, and I feel like I’m learning so much about my body and am getting stronger. I’m surprised by how much I enjoy it! And, she is creating an incredibly welcoming and supportive community...You’ll be welcomed and your accomplishments will be celebrated whatever your fitness background and level is.

Darla Millstein
September 27, 2019

Prism Fit is a magical unicorn of a gym. I've been doing CrossFit for years and have never had a coach like the owner, Ashley. She listens and learns about my injuries and limitations and modifies whatever is needed to ensure that each of us get a challenging and yet safe workout. The space is welcoming and enjoyable. The community and camaraderie are unmatched. And the coach is knowledgable, caring and skilled. Hands down the best gym experience you could ever hope for.

Rachelle Hacmac
September 27, 2019

Scared of CrossFit? This gym is for you. Newbie to working out? This gym is for you. Feel uncomfortable in traditional gym environments? This gym is for you. Ashley (gym owner) has created a community of supportive people who all have a similar goal in mind... to get their bodies moving! No matter what your ability, there's a place for you here. I NEVER thought I'd be interested in CrossFit (eww no thanks to the macho bro-culture), but at Prism Fit, it's different. I am proud of how strong I've become and I feel SO GOOD after working out here. Ashley helps exercise feel like a good time, rather than a punishment. The team mentality keeps me motivated to keep coming back.

Andy Ives
September 21, 2019

This gym is amazing. Ashley (owner and instructor) is both super accommodating and incredibly motivating. I never felt super comfortable in a gym space, and Prism Fit is so welcoming, approachable and INCLUSIVE. The energy is awesome - highly recommend!