BIPOC Classes

This free class is for the BIPOC community only. It is a once a week free class that can be used for any class on the current schedule. We at Prism recognize that access to fitness is a privilege and that we are located in a gentrified neighborhood.

We want to give back how we can through this class, donations to Black organizations and continued anti-racist work.

Since opening its doors, Prism Moves has believed that everyone deserves to take up space regardless of race, gender, abilities and sexual orientation.

Every person has a right to love their bodies, love how movement makes them feel and be treated in a way that helps them embrace their full selves.

To continue supporting its community and culture, Prism Moves commits to:

  • Continuous anti-racism learning.
  • Rejecting racist, body shaming and toxic fitness industry norms.
  • Allocating monthly donations to organizations that support BIPOC needs and initiatives.
  • Understanding anti-racist learning and the dismantling of white supremeacy is a journey that involves active participation.

Your Instructors

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Step 3

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