About Prism Moves

Working to fill gaps in the fitness industry.

Women, BIPOC individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, larger bodied humans and those that want to move their bodies for joy instead of weight loss rarely have access to fitness spaces that accommodate them and make them feel welcome.

Prism Fit, now Prism Moves, was created to become such a fitness space.

Why the name change?

As membership at Prism Fit grew, it became apparent that not only was this fitness space vital, it would not be able to operate as a typical boutique fitness gym. The communities that Prism Fit attracted were the same communities that experienced wage gaps, meaning the generally accepted gym fees of $165 a month and up were not accessible. Prism Fit began offering sliding scale memberships and a once a week free BIPOC class, but the need for these memberships started to exceed the operational capacity of the business.

Dissolving the Prism Fit LLC and creating the nonprofit Prism Moves allows for the organization to expand its free and sliding scale memberships, as well as create additional programs such as free youth and family classes, and continuing education for Prism Moves coaches and individuals interested in becoming fitness instructors. Prism Moves believes that fitness is for everyone and fosters inclusivity by constantly educating and committing to reducing racism, sexism, body shaming and toxic fitness industry norms. Prism Moves works with other and welcomes their their employees and clients to join Prism Moves for the physical and mental health and wellness benefits achieved through exercise and community.

We are a 501(c)(3) approved organization.

Meet the Team


Personal Trainers

Board of Directors

  • Shawna Williams (she/her)
  • Claire Doody (she/her)
    Vice President
  • Tyra Lovato (she/her)
  • Julice Ogando (she/her)
  • Cee Webster (they/them)
    Member at Large

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Step 3

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