Prism Moves is growing (so exciting!) which means our mission to support humans that need space for fitness is also growing, proving that a space such as Prism is paramount to our community.

By supporting Prism Moves, you are supporting our ability to offer a free gym membership to anyone that needs it. For our members that want to pay membership dues but can not afford our standard dues, your donation allows us to offer sliding scale dues. Your donation also supports our partnerships with other nonprofits and expands our ability to offer free classes to the clients and staff of nonprofits that support similar communities to Prism.

A donation of $150 a month keeps our community thriving and pays for the membership of people like Io Hush (featured in our video). Io is a non-binary human that has benefited greatly from the community at Prism Moves and the joy they've recently found in powerlifting. They are an absolute delight to have in the gym and one of our biggest cheerleaders.

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