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Frequently Asked Questions

It is seven days and starts on the day you sign up.

No, it does not include Open Gym. You receive Open Gym access when you become a member.

Membership can be paid with a credit card or direct deposit. Billing is done bi-weekly on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3).

Yes, your membership dues are tax deductible.

EIN 87-1523358

Prism is still a young nonprofit, and we are working on funding. Membership dues help with our budget as we build. Our long-term vision is to be funded and reduce dues to one flat rate.


If you need financial assistance, please email us directly at

No, but they do roll over from week to week.

We ask that if you have your own programming you please use the designated open gym times.

Yes, each membership includes Open Gym. The Open Gym only membership does not include classes.

If you reserve a spot in class but can no longer make it, we ask that you cancel your reservation no later than an hour before class. Due to the limited space in class, a $10.00 late cancellation/no show fee will be added to your bill if you do not cancel your reservation.

If only one person is signed up for class 30 minutes before class starts, class will be cancelled. A minimum of two people need to be signed up for class for class to commence.

You can put your membership on hold or cancel by giving coach Asher 2 weeks notice. There are no cancelation fees.

No we are not affiliated with CrossFit. We use similar protocols for our workouts but we are not stereotypically CrossFit. We reject the “bro-ish” culture that can sometimes be associated with CrossFit and have removed the gender aspect to the best of our ability. We make adjustments to movements so that they better fit everyone that joins us at Prism Moves.

Yes. We attempt to support women and parents in every way possible and understand this may involve parents bringing their children. We ask that parents please keep an eye on their children, and if their child’s safety or the safety of other clients is jeopardized, we will need to ask you to briefly exit from the workout and attend to your child. Safety and proper coaching is our first priority. Ensuring that everyone receives a good, sweaty workout is close behind.

We want all bodies to be able to attend all of our classes and create a diverse clientele and community. That being said, we recognize that the fitness industry has been predominantly white. Getting involved in Prism Moves and starting a fitness journey may be more comfortable if people get a chance to see others that look like them in our community.

Due to space and safety only coach Asher’s dog is allowed in the gym.

Yes, cis men, trans men, all men are welcome. We currently have very supportive cis and trans male clients and that is our main ask: that men of all kinds please be supportive and respectful of everyone around them at Prism Moves.